Player unhappy with Chelsea attitude claiming they pushed him to Saudi, bringing his Lawyer in

The Romelu Lukaku story is just getting more and more ridiculous, and more and more frustrating.

If it wasn’t bad enough that he conducted that stupid interview mid-season criticising Thomas Tuchel for not playing him, now he it looks like he is being a pain as a season-long loan move at Inter Milan comes to an end.

Sources: Kai Havertz actively pushing to move to Arsenal!

He apparently wants to stay at Inter, and has no interest in moving to Saudi. But of course, he’s owned by Chelsea still and they do not want to send him on another loan, obviously, as that is to no benefit to them.

But if this report from Corriere dello Sport, as cited by Sport Witness is to be believed, then it looks to me like Lukaku is throwing his toys out the pram and being awkward yet again.

They claim Lukaku is unhappy with the Blues, as he ‘didn’t like their attitude’ as they tried to ‘push him into the arms of Al-Hilal’.

That’s why the player has decide to ‘take matters into his own hands’, and his intention is to return to London with one clear message for the Chelsea hierarchy: ‘Inter and that’s it’.

He’s planning his ‘blitz in the City’ after the game against Estonia for Belgium, ‘probably with the support of his lawyer Sebastien Ledure’, who was instrumental in getting the original loan with Inter sorted.

Send him to play for our Under-21s next season, that’s what I say.



  1. I agree with Peter Davis, Sue him because Lukaka seems to forget that he is contracted to Chelsea and not Inter. Lukaka is just being really stupid at this point. If Inter really wants him, they will pay-up. If Lukaka doesn’t want to honor his contract then sue him or better yet, send him to play for the under 21s as Simon Phillips suggested.

  2. Chelsea need come clean with the Saudi deals. A player has to go where he is happy playing.

    1. Lukaku is only happy when he gets his way. Hes a spolit brat and deserves nothing more than to be left to rot! He has caused nothing but trouble snce day one and appears to have been on a vendetta since his arrival

  3. If Inter aren’t willing/able to buy him and he’s unwilling to go anywhere else then let him sit and rot! It will endanger his international time if he’s not in match form and the club have got to show (to Lukaku and all future would-be Lukaku’s) that it won’t be pushed around. He’s under contract and the message has got to be, “hey, we’ve tried to accommodate your wishes, but you are under contract and you WILL honour the contract!”

  4. the man is grossly overweight to play in the premiership,I would suggest unless he gets down to a playing weight he could be in breach of contract and should not get paid

  5. Lukaku is rubbish a fat lump of lard, let him see out his contract in the reserves and kept well away from the 1st team squad, or let him buy himself out of the contract he signed.
    Ps he is a bloody useless player.

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