Reported €140m for Real Madrid star extremely unlikely for these reasons

Defensa Central last night published an article claiming that Chelsea are desperate to sign Fede Valverde from Real Madrid. Their account includes talk of an excited phone call from president Florentino Perez to Carlo Ancelotti claiming that the Blues will offer €120m up front and €20m in bonuses.

It’s very detailed, but sounds unrealistic for a number of reasons

Valverde is a brilliant player and would do a superb job in this Chelsea team as an all action midfielder in just the mould we want. However he’s a star for Real Madrid, winning Champions Leagues and La Ligas, he’s happy in a Spanish speaking country where he’s a settled and earning good money.

He could earn at Chelsea for sure, but it doesn’t sound like a move worth making just for a raise.

And that’s to say nothing of the total impossibility of Chelsea paying €120m up front for any player, just 6 months after spending a similar amount on Enzo Fernandez.

They won’t sign him for any amount we will be able to pay, and the player in all likelihood has no interest in the move either. That should be all the evidence you need to know that this is probably made up, and unless we start hearing a lot more about it, we’re not going to pay much more attention to it.

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