Romano reveals why Chelsea haven’t announced Nkunku – and when deal was signed

It’s peak Fabrizio Romano season right now, and the insider is popping off exclusives left right and centre.

One story that he broke almost a year ago was that of Christopher Nkunku moving to Chelsea. The Frenchman agreed the move in September, and according to Romano everything is still on track. His contract has been signed, and it’s just a question of Chelsea announcing the deal.

We can understand why they didn’t want to do this while Nkunku was still playing with RB Leipzig, but now the club season is over they can announce it whenever they want.

Romano’s Tweet claims that they’re waiting until this current international break is over, with an announcement expected on June 19th, after Nkunku finishes with France.

That makes sense – although given we’re already in a bizarre limbo waiting for Mauricio Pochettino to officially start on the 1st of July, it does only add to the impatience around the club as we wait to enter a new era.

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