Striker has “ruled out” playing for Chelsea for these reasons – leaving Blues in mess up front

Romelu Lukaku is at the centre of the Chelsea transfer web and will be until he is shifted somewhere.

He’s a big, valuable asset, and there’s the sense that we can’t plan for much or spend much until we’ve got his future (at the very least for the short term) sorted out. There is always the idea hanging around that he could yet come back and play for us. After all, we’re desperate for a number 9 and have him on the books.

But if it needed more reinforcement, Lukaku has made it clear once again that he’s done with Chelsea. The Athletic’s piece on Chelsea’s transfer situation today makes that very clear – a “source” told them Lukaku had “already ruled out” playing for Chelsea again and would happily take a pay cut to stay at Inter.

But even that may not be enough to get a deal to work with the Italian side, and the Belgium star may end up having to decide if he prefers playing Saudi Arabia to sucking it up and coming back to Stamford Bridge.

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