The fee Chelsea paid for wonderkid finally revealed by senior club official

A Tweet tonight has given us some details about something we’ve been wondering.

Chelsea announced the long-rumoured signing of Kendry Paez over the weekend, but of course mentioned no transfer fee. There have only been vague figures floating around until now, when finally someone close to the deal has spoken about it.

Independente del Valle director Santiago Morales was quoted as saying: “Because of what our country is going through, I won’t talk about the exact number #Chelsea paid for Kendry Paez, but it’s not the $20million that people are saying. It’s a smaller amount” by Machdeportes in Ecuador.

We’ve got no reason to doubt those numbers from Morales. While he looks an amazing talent, he’s so young that it’s hard to get a fee bigger than that unless you have an iron clad senior contract.

It’s still a vast amount for Independiente’s coffers though, a potentially game changing injection of cash to the Ecuadorian game. It is likely to have a heavily incentivised structure, so everyone back home will be praying he breaks into the first team.

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