“They have nice beers” – Strasbourg insights by player who played for them and Chelsea

Over the weekend we saw confirmation that Chelsea have bought a majority stake in French team Strasbourg as they begin their multi-club model plans.

This has of course been fantastic news for all at the club, and to be honest, all at Strasbourg as well, who will be getting some very ambitious owners with big plans to expand this model even further.

Former Chelsea player Frank Leboeuf was very pleased when he heard this news, having collectively spent 10 years of his playing career between Chelsea and Strasbourg, and he has a real love for both of the clubs.

The former Blues captain is in the best possible position to provide us with some great insights on what Strasbourg has to offer as a club and as a City, and it all sounds very positive.

Lebouef has been encouraging Chelsea fans to visit Strasbourg as soon as possible, writing in his latest exclusive and extensive Chelsea column for Si & Dan Talk Chelsea this week.

Leboeuf said: “I love the two clubs, they both play in white and blue, and being an ambassador let’s say of both clubs, which represents the future of Chelsea with Strasbourg alongside, but also the stabilising of Strasbourg, it’s very good I have to say.

“For Chelsea fans, they should go to Strasbourg, it’s a beautiful City, the food is very good, they have nice Beers, and the stadium is always packed with a very good atmosphere. When the speakers announce the substitutions, the fans cheer when the guy comes on, and the speaker says ‘thank you’, and the fans say ‘you’re welcome’.

“It’s very nice, the ambience is nice and it’s a great atmosphere. I love that club like I love Chelsea. So I am so pleased with this news, it’s great for me. They are the two clubs that I cheer the most, I spent more than ten years together at these clubs playing football.”


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