This transfer fee would get Chelsea a top new goalkeeper says Italian insider

Gianluca Di Marzio used to be top dog out of the Italian transfer insiders, before Fabrizio Romano took over.

He may have lost top spot, but he still produces some solid exclusives here and there, and today he has a report cited by Sempre Inter about the future of Inter Milan goalkeeper Andre Onana.

He claims that an offer of “€50-560m” would secure the stopper for Chelsea this summer, should they decide that the Cameroon star is the man they want between their posts going forward. That’s a big fee for a goalkeeper, and the Blues will have to think long and hard about whether they can get anyone better for that price, or whether they can get someone equally good for a much smaller fee.

However after so many years of struggling due to inferior goalkeeper play, they would be foolish to dream up the false economy of skimping with their next big purchase in that position. Onana has looked good this season, but it’s hard to judge him before that simply because his former club Ajax are so dominant in so many games. He certainly got to show off his good footwork, but he will be tested a lot more under the high ball in the Premier League.

The stopper will be in action tonight in the Champions League final against Man City, and he may well be pretty busy… the scouts and the fans will be watching.

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