Time to bet on Chelsea’s return to the top

The season has only just ended, but football fans all over the world are already thinking about next season.

Every fan of every team is hoping they will be one of the teams to get better, and that includes Chelsea.

Most pundits have already written off our chances of winning the title next year – which is probably fair. It’s not just a question of us having to double our points tally, we’ll also need to fight through an ever increasingly competitive field to get there.

Betting sites like W88 would give you very good odds on us reaching the top 4 right now, let alone winning the title, so perhaps that makes it the right time to put your money with your mouth is and back the Blues to do just that.

There are certainly set to be major improvements this summer, and there’s no shortage of talent in the squad. So what 3 things could be addressed to catapult us up the table fastest?

Firstly and most obviously we need Mauricio Pochettino in his manager’s chair to start working on the broken dressing room. There are good players there, but they aren’t playing like it. Before we worry about new players, we need to get the players we already have on our books playing well.

Once that’s done, there are two major holes in the team – up front and in goal. It’s easier said than done, but finding a good goalkeeper and a good striker could truly transform this side and catapult us up the table.

We’ve been linked with plenty, but as we’ve seen over the last few years – from Kepa Arrizabalaga to Romelu Lukaku – buying a good one is much harder than it looks. There’s always hot competition, and some who look brilliant elsewhere just don’t translate to successes in the Premier League.

It won’t be easy – but one would produce a major swing in goals scored, the other in goals conceded. That will lead to a major increase in points earned, which will in turn lead to vastly improved league position.

Our final haul of 44 points – and a disgraceful -9 goal difference, can be rapidly improved if we make the right changes this summer. Right now you can get amazing odds on us making the top 4 – but that will change quickly if Pochettino gets off to a good start to his Chelsea career.

So if you believe in this new project – and you believe in regression to the mean – this is your chance to get stuck in before it’s too late.

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