Top German source makes incredible Lukaku to Real Madrid claim

Just when all eyes were on the FA Cup final on an otherwise sleepy Saturday, top German insider Florian Plettenberg has just dropped some very juicy Chelsea transfer news.

The Sport Bild reported claims that Romelu Lukaku, who is about to finish his loan spell at Inter Milan, could be offered to Real Madrid “at a late stage in this window,” either as a loan or as a permanent deal, potentially as a Karim Benzema replacement or possibly just as a backup.

Recent days have seen Benzema’s status change dramatically from “definitely going to play in Saudi Arabia” to “staying with Real,” and we wouldn’t rule out further changes in the weeks and months to come.

Chelsea are just at the stage where they have enough on their plate and want to find a way to get Lukaku off their hands for another season. Sending him to somewhere where he will get his wages paid buys them another year to sort out their other problems and kick the £100m Lukaku can down the line.

We can see him scoring a hatful in a dominant Madrid team against some weak La Liga sides, and then who knows? Maybe Los Blancos will cough up enough to make a permanent deal happen. It all sounds rather unlikely, but then again this is a team which had Julien Faubert on loan at one point. Anything is possible.

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