Two major pieces of Kai Havertz news arrive to make Chelsea seem likely to get big money for attacker

If you’d asked us a couple of months ago whether Chelsea had a good chance of selling Kai Havertz this summer, we’d have said no. There were a few reasons for this – firstly he’s on big wages, secondly we paid a lot for him and wouldn’t sell him for a major loss so soon, and thirdly he’s basically had 3 poor seasons at Chelsea and wouldn’t be attracting interest from any of the big teams who might be able to overcome those factors.

Well it seems we were wrong about all those things. Not only is there a team interested, there are three with well reported interest, all at different stages.

Real Madrid were the first to put their name down, and while their interest has rather faded into the background, they were replaced in the chase by Arsenal. Matt Law has just reported that the Gunners have had their opening offer for Havertz rejected.

Emerging now is also interest from Bayern Munich. Reports from Sky Sports’ reliable Florian Plettenberg are claiming that the Germans are now getting hotter on Havertz’ case as Harry Kane looks out of reach.

We called it wrong – there’s plenty of interest, and it looks like we might not only sell him, we might actually get a decent fee for him too. There’s still a long way to go, but this is a promising stage to be at in mid-June.

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  1. I don’t really know why Chelsea don’t know how to do biznezz, why are we selling all our players so cheap and we bought them for big money. What is really wrong with our marketers or is it that they are all illiterates. Sell big and make money for crying out loud.

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