“Verbal understanding” on Chelsea deal – although we’re not so sure

Things are ramping up across the board when it comes to Chelsea transfers.

This morning all kind of talk has spring up about things happening “this week” and that goes for selling as well as buying. Football Insider is today claiming that, for example, there’s a “verbal agreement” over Moises Caicedo, the Brighton midfielder who is at the top of our list of midfield signings. Their “sources” seem very confident that it will happen too.

It’s not clear whether that understanding is with the player or the club, but if its with Brighton that would be very surprising. They want £100m according to most reports, and while we might end up paying that, we will likely battle tooth and nail to avoid it.

Although perhaps the news of an imminent cash injection from Saudi Arabia has convinced them to swoop decisively? We will find out soon enough as this apparently decisive week rolls on.

To be honest this latest update sounds like the kind of endless intermittent update you get on moves like this. We will wait to hear something from one of the big insiders or a Chelsea correspondent like Nizaar Kinsella or Matt Law before we really get excited.

There is going to be a lot of action in the next 10 days without doubt, but we’d expect this to be a slow burning deal given the intense competition and the money involved.

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