(Video): “Fair” United offer has been rejected says top Chelsea correspondent

Mason Mount’s move to Manchester United has ground to a halt, and while it isn’t fair to say that it’s off, it’s certainly looking less likely than a few days ago.

Nizaar Kinsella was on Talksport running through the whole “fraught” situation, and he noted that there had been a major breakdown in relations between Mount and the ownership.

Manchester United’s third offer of £55m was “fair” for a player with one year left on their deal Kinsella thinks, and the fact that the club rejected it won’t have improved relations with Mount.

You can see him talking about the deal in the video embedded here:

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  1. “Fair” is in the eye of the beholder, lol! Was City’s 100 million offer for Rice “fair?” It got rejected too! Kinsella sounds like someone who was leaned on by Utd’s management to say something favorable to their interests. It’s all about trying to gain leverage through the press and doesn’t deserve a second thought.

    As for young Mason, he deserves whatever he gets after he publicly undermined our negotiating stance by saying he had no intention of ever re-signing. Let him rot in the reserves for all I care. A player who doesn’t respect the club to whom he’s under contract (let alone the club that taught him the game) doesn’t deserve my respect.

  2. I think Mount has been misled by that disrespecting agent of his to show disrespect to a club that brought him up since when he was still a todler. Because of Chelsea, mount won champions league @ 22, won uefa super cup and world club cup. He should ask Rashford when he will lay hands on those elite trophies. So to m, whosoever needs mount must pay every penny of our valuation. If not he stays. And the coach shouldn’t include him in our pre-season tour. We don’t want distraction for the team.

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