(Video): Why Arsenal think spending big on Havertz will work for them better than Chelsea

Many Chelsea fans who have watched a lot of Kai Havertz in his three years at the club are wondering quite why Arsenal are so keen to spend a reported £60m or more on the German attacker.

He doesn’t quite cut it, despite looking the part. At least he hasn’t for us, albeit while shunted up front out of position a lot of the time.

On Tifo they made a short feature explaining what it is that Arsenal think Havertz will bring to them. It’s an interesting viewpoint – if he succeeded there we’d be gutted.

You can see their documentary in the clip embedded here:

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  1. I won’t be surprised one bit if Havertz looks a million times better at Arsenal than he did at Chelsea. Arteta has brought a very specific (Guardiola-esque) style of play to the Gunners and Havertz is certainly technical enough to fit well within that system—especially if he’s played at the 10 or out on the wing. He suffered at Chelsea from being asked to play out of position at the 9 most of the time and that, combined with the management turmoil and lack of tactical identity, made it difficult for him to shine. All that said, even if he has huge success at Arsenal, I’m not sure we can have many regrets given that we got good money for him.

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