“We want to be careful” – Kante deal not done with new club worried about medical history

N’Golo Kante’s move o Al Ittihad has hit a snag, with the club apparently picking his medical closely.

It was reported that a deal for Kante was done, but in fact he has agreed personal terms, not the final contract.

AFP quote a source at the Saudi Arabian club who gives the following update on it all:

“Kante signed a binding agreement, not a final contract,” the source said.

“We still review the medical checkup result. He has a long injury history and we want to be careful before signing a huge contract.”

It all sounds like it will be resolved fairly quicky, and they are just doing their due diligence, but it is of course a huge concern for them. Kante is 32 and has a good few years of injury problems behind him now. He missed half of this season, and struggles to stay fit for extended periods.

Al Ittihad may be signing him in part to raise their profile, but they also have footballing concerns, and having him on the pitch is vital to both aspects.

Playing fewer games at a lower tempo than the Premier League may well help Kante’s condition over the course of a season too, and we still expect this one to happen.

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