What key Chelsea player is going to request from his new manager

The season is over and players are off playing the international games that end the annual calendar.

That means we get to hear from some slightly more unusual people, including in this case, Enzo Fernandez’ father Raul.

He spoke about his son’s first 6 months in London, and also made an interesting revelation about what Enzo was intending to ask of his new coach, countryman Mauricio Pochettino:

“Enzo is comfortable, happy, and adjusting to London. He was happy about the arrival of Pochettino. Next season? My son wants to be a champion. I think [we will see Enzo play further forward]. He was going to ask [Pochettino] to play further advanced,” Raul said in quotes picked up by Goal.com.

The move further forward is something we’ve expected all along, and indeed was something that Frank Lampard openly talked about wanting to do in one of his final press conferences. Lampard explained that he hadn’t been able to move Fernandez forward from the “6” position because he had no other players who could play there, and while our intention this summer is clearly to sign someone who can and free up Enzo, so far we’ve not made any transfer progress in that direction.

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