Why Manchester United think they’ve got deal of the century with Mount bonuses

It’s finally happening – Mason Mount is moving to Manchester United. It never quite reached saga status, but it wasn’t far off.

Matt Law’s extended piece last night had all the details about the deal that looked like it might be off – then suddenly happened all in a rush.

Chelsea wanted £70m, United wanted to pay £55m. In the end, common ground was found at £55m plus a further £5m in bonuses. But according to Law’s piece, it’s the Red Devils who think they’ve got the sweet deal.

It’s not clear what the bonuses are for exactly, but apparently the success required to activate them would be such that £60m would seem a bargain either way.

Chelsea have done well to get big money for a player with a year left on their contract – but in reality they’re about to lose a player for £55m who will cost double that to replace on the open market.

As always with transfers, we won’t really be able to say who has won or lost this deal for some time.


  1. Double??? Pfft…hardly. You pay a premium for young English internationals like Rice and Mount in the Premier League, but when you dig deeper into the stats you find they are over-valued.

    Young Mason had two good seasons and one VERY good season for us before falling back to Earth (and then falling down a well) this past campaign. How is a player with that track record so hard to find? NOT VERY, LOL! And he certainly isn’t going to cost you 110 million hahaha! What a preposterous load of nonsense.

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