Why negotiations over €60m valued player broke down suddenly – and why they could restart soon

Details are emerging about the sudden collapse of the Kai Havertz to Real Madrid deal.

Madrid Xtra quote Spanish radio station COPE in saying that negotiations were broken off because of a simple price dispute.

Chelsea wanted a “package” that went up to €85m for the striker, while Madrid valued him at €60m. Clearly both parties felt that no breakthrough was coming anytime soon, and have moved on.

It does feel like Chelsea rather overplayed their hand here. They are being very ambitious to think they can get €85m for a player who has basically disappointed since arriving at the club, and one fears they will end up with him in the squad again next year if they try to play hard ball.

Still, the somewhat good news is that the interest is just “cooled” and not finished, so there is always the prospect we can return to the table later in the summer, hopefully with a more sensible asking price in mind.

If Madrid end up signing Harry Kane, Chelsea will probably not regret biting their hand off for €60m. On the other hand if Tottenham play hard ball (as they probably will) then Chelsea could find the Spaniards coming back to them, cap in hand, ready to negotiate again. Only at that point can we hope to drive them up past €60m and that’s currently a long way off.

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