Why the 1st of July should be a date to excite all Chelsea fans

One week today, Mauricio Pochettino has his first day of work at Chelsea – at least in an official role.

Last seen on the beach after managing at Soccer Aid, Pochettino has likely been in regular contact with the club over transfer activity, and will have been watching clips of last season and preparing for work with the players from the 1st of July.

His priority will be getting a group of talented individuals and forming them into a group. This is what his strong suit is supposed to be, and for all the tactics and strategies available to him, getting a winning spirit and a fire into this group is his first and most crucial task.

There are a lot of new players and a lot of young players in his group who will be desperate to impress him, and that should set standards for preseason very high. There will be a few unhappy faces waiting for their exit to be agreed, but things are moving quickly on that front too.

Our preseason, as ever, will be a fascinating watch with a new coach in charge, a host of new players signed over the last 12 months, and a hell of a lot of work to do to get this squad fit, united and well drilled. That work starts on July 1st.

Last season was exceptionally painful – but we already can’t wait for our first match of the season.

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