Why Trevoh Chalobah’s demand and price are going up suddenly

The sudden interest in Chelsea’s unwanted squad players is going to be a god send for the club – it’s most direct positive is obvious – it’s going to bring in a flood of unexpected money.

But it’s also having another satellite benefit for Chelsea as they look to rebuild. It’s creating further scarcity in the market, which is making their other assets for sale more valuable. Take Trevoh Chaobah for example. He was one of the prime candidates for a sale as Chelsea looked to raise money this summer.

But now Kalidou Koulibaly is off to Saudi, Inter Milan are missing out on a signing they thought they had. The Corriere dello Sport indicates they’ll change their target to Chalobah, who suddenly gains value as a newly in demand player.

Not only that, the departure of Koulibaly also makes Chalobah more valuable to Chelsea as they’re a defender down. That only increases pressure on his price too. The market is shifting very much in our favour now, and not long after it looked like we’d be hopeless we’re now actually coming into quite a strong position if we can get these sales over the line.

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