Why we’re so hyped up for July 19th

We’re now less than a week away from Mauricio Pochettino taking over as Chelsea manager officially, and less than a month away from our first friendly games.

We’re always excited (more than we should be) for the first games of the new season, even though they’re largely meaningless and often played with a real jumble of players and subs getting some minutes in their legs.

Still, it will be our first chance to watch the Blues in action since May, and there will be a lot of exciting new things to see.

A new manager, perhaps a new formation, certainly some exciting new players like the much awaited Christopher Nkunku. The games against Brighton, Newcastle Fulham and Wrexham will get us all wound up, and our final match against Dortmund on the 2nd of August will likely see something approaching Pochettion’s first XI deployed after he uses the preceding games to experiment.

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