Worrying lack of interest in Pulisic may mean Chelsea have to come towards Milan’s €15m asking price

So far this summer there has been worryingly little interest in Christian Pulisic.

The winger has been on the market for pretty much 12 months now, and apart from vague whispers here and there nobody has made a serious attempt to buy him.

That’s all changing now – AC Milan are starting to push for the USA star, with the money from the Sandro Tonali sale now burning a hole in their pocket.

With just one year left, Pulisic will surely go by the end of the summer, but Milan’s €15m offer is still too low. Expect something closer to €20m, perhaps with a couple more million in potential bonuses sprinkled in too. But there’s no way we’re getting anything like the €30m we reportedly want.

Pulisic has really struggled at Chelsea, but we can see him shining a little brighter in Serie A, and a change of club is vital for his career. It’s a shame to make such a heavy loss on him, but a season spent rotting on the bench has really hurt his value.



  1. You’re forgetting the reported interest from Lyon.

    Either way, Chelsea screwed up when they didn’t grant Pulisic more playing time after a strong World Cup performance. If you leave an asset on the bench you de-value it, plain and simple. With virtually no opportunities to play this spring, after a deal was nearly done before his injury during the January window, that interest dried up. Poor, poor planning on the club’s part if they hoped to recover a decent fee on his re-sale.

    1. Pulisic had chances to be selected after the world cup, but as usual, his injuries were his downfall. Dude can’t even stay fit for half a season, that’s too bad.

      1. What chances? Both injuries he suffered this season was minor and was not because of the lack of fitness like his first two seasons under Chelsea. The first was because of a body to body collision in the FIFA World Cup against Iran (minor) and the second one was caused by a sliding tackle to the ankle (minor injury again). There was no reason why he barely featured. The player Lampard played over him SUCKED and scored no goals. I feel a lot of Chelsea supporters saying crap like what you are spewing only further create disinformation to fans of clubs interested in Pulisic. In 2021-22 season, Pulisic scored 8 goals and would’ve scored more if Tuchel consistently played him right and not randomly bench him after games he performed great in. Pulisic’s biggest injury that season was caused by a red card tackle during a national team game, but somehow it was treated as if it’s because Pulisic is made of glass. Everyone who said that clearly did not see the game in question. So I really hope Pulisic get away from this garbage blue shirt team.

      2. He returned to fitness with plenty of games remaining but had clearly been written off by that juncture and only got garbage time in a couple of games. My point remains, if your season is basically a wash with two months remaining you can select the youth you intend to build around OR the guys you hope to offload. Lampard didn’t entirely commit to the former (e.g., giving major minutes to a guy like Felix who had already demonstrated he wasn’t worth the price Athletico we’re demanding), and so it was particularly puzzling that he didn’t do the latter. Either way, we did ourselves ZERO favors in terms of maximizing Pulisic’s value.

      3. Pulisic is not the problem. There has been a very, very long list of better than average players who have been brought into Chelsea during the past four years, or who are home grown, who either did not develop, progress, play or contribute as expected. Is that on all of these player in every single case? Or, is it on the lack of clear organizational structure, building a team to fit that structure and sticking to a plan? Chelsea has been very poorly managed, overall, during the past 3-4 years. Auba, Ziyech, Pulisic, Havertz, Mount, Loftus-Cheeks, Gallagher, Kovacic, Abrahms, the list goes on and on.

  2. Without Pulisic’s play in the semifinal against Real Madrid, Chelsea doesn’t reach the finals to win the Champions League. He’s a quality player that will do well somewhere else. A further prediction: next year Chelsea finishes closer to relegation than the top four. Similar to this year they will have good players but no leadership in the club house.

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