€50m an insane sum for unwanted striker, but deal is a “matter of time”

Chelsea seem to have finally accepted the fact that only Juventus are interested in Romelu Lukaku, and that in order to sign him they will have to take Dusan Vlahovic in return.

That might not be a terrible move – although it’s certainly a divisive one in the fanbase. SportWitness have translated reports from Italy today which seem to indicate that we’re reaching a conclusion in this interminable transfer story.

Some sources are saying it’s a “matter of time” before an agreement is found, while the major sticking point all around is how much Chelsea will need to pay in addition to sending Lukaku to Turin in order to secure Vlahovic.

There’s talk of €40m or €50m which seems preposterous, given how keen the Italians are to get rid of him. Unfortunately for us, we’re just as keen to dump Lukaku, but the age difference means we’re the ones who have to stump up the cash.

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