The strongest piece of evidence that deal can happen despite €30m gap

The state of play with Romelu Lukaku is pretty simple – Juventus want him, but can’t take him until they’ve shifted Dusan Vlahovic.

Chelsea would consider taking Vlahovic in return, but they don’t want to pay a big fee on top of Lukaku to get him. As it stands, according to Tuttosport cited here by Chelsea HQ, there’s still a vast €25-30m gap in valuation between the two sides.

That looks insurmountable, but as Tuttosport point out, the fact that talks are going on despite that reveals how keen both sides are to get a deal done. Serious compromises will have to be made on both ends, but everyone involved is keen to see it happen – so maybe a miracle can happen.

We have to say, we agree with their logic here. It’s the same logic that applies to the Moises Caicedo deal – we haven’t made a proper bid for weeks, but the fact we’re still going back and forth with them means both sides must see at least the potential for common ground.

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  1. Negocios inútiles, Vlahovic lesionado es el mismo cancer que Likaku debería ser un intercambio sin diferencias, Lukaku al menos es goleador comprobado en serie A, Vlahovic sólo ha sido un morata y lesionado, salgan de Italia esos son unos estafadores aprovechados de idiotas como nuestros negociadores…

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