Pundit explains why Pochettino must play troubled Chelsea star currently not starting

One pundit believes that Mauricio Pochettino needs to hand some starts to one troubled Chelsea star right now.

Pochettino has come in and he is using a line-up and formation that he seems to trust and wants to perfect. But the line-up has received criticism amongst the Chelsea fanbase and amongst pundits.

Sources: Chelsea targeting 8 potential new strikers for January!

The former Spurs and PSG boss is using a 4-2-3-1 formation, but he is using Levi Colwill, who is naturally a centre back, as a left back, and Ben Chilwell, who is naturally a left back, as a left winger.

Many believe he is doing this due to injuries. But one player who is not injured and would love to be getting starts now is Mykhailo Mudryk, an actual left winger!

Pundit Danny Murphy believes now is the time to hand the troubled Chelsea player a run of starts, and I actually think I agree with him on this.

“When you look at Mudryk, they spent big money on him… His first game at Anfield you saw what he can do,” Murphy told FIVE’s YouTube channel.

The worst thing you can do when you’ve got a new player is delay his opportunity and make it bigger than it is. You’ve got to give new players a run

“Now, they need a left-winger to play instead of where Chilly (Chilwell) is playing because he’s a left-back.

“Give him five or six games! See.”

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  1. Duh! We’ve had this issue for a while, just ask Christian Pulisic (Salah or KDB)! If you’ve got young talent and you need them to grow and improve you have to play them (and not just a game or two before you bench them again). You accept that they will make mistakes and you keep playing them even after they do because you have faith in them. Why did we buy Mudryk if we don’t have faith in him? (Hint: It wasn’t so Ben Chilwell could play left wing.)

  2. That’s the first sign to show Poch doesn’t have a clue what to do with him because he doesn’t trust him. Simple!

    1. Maybe he doesn’t, but you play the hand you’re dealt. In this case, with Nkunku out, you put your next guy on the depth chart in and give him a run of games. At least give him a chance to prove you (and your lack of faith) wrong. But playing Ben Chilwell out of position is not helping anyone! At least if you give Mudryk a fair chance of four or five games then you know what work is needed or whether he just needs to be moved on. But we’ve done this business of leaving young guys on the bench so many times before in favor of experience or a player who is thought to be less of a potential liability (even if his upside is limited). I would argue that, over the years it’s really cost us. Salah and KDB are just the two most obvious examples, but you could point to Nathan Ake as a more recent one. He’s currently a regular starter on the best team in the league because we never really put any faith in him.

      One thing is for sure, if a young player isn’t given minutes he has no chance of developing and if the minutes aren’t regular, or if he fears that any little mistake will land back in the reserves, then he has no real way of getting in a rhythm or finding his confidence. Just look at the body language (let alone the goals) of Pulisic in his first few games at AC Milan and you can see what a difference that faith makes. Time for Poch to summon up some courage, set his misgivings aside and play Mudryk—come what may.

  3. Truly I agree with you. Poche biggest problem is gambling with best players. He need to use players on where they naturally fit well when situation deem.

  4. Playing five defender from start of match is sign of defeat and a weak coach , with the abundance of forward players we have. I still can get it if Chelsea course or something..,.

  5. It’s very true to start Mudryk bcz he’s capable in that position and I wonder why cooach is not playing him

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