(Video): “Riding the bench hard at Villareal” – Nico Jackson doesn’t have the “quality” to be Chelsea striker says ESPN pundit

Alejandro Moreno was one of various ESPN pundits laying into Chelsea today after another bad performance. He was focused on our attacking problems – as well as confidence, we lack quality according to him. There are not enough (if any) elite players in our squad.

“Jackson was riding the bench HARD at Villareal,” he pointed out, noting that the forward only came into the team when Gerard Moreno was injured.

He’s right, but he’s wrong in thinking Chelsea fans haven’t thought about this. The fact that Jackson is very raw and very lacking in experience has been the main point of discussion from fans ever since the Senegal striker was signed.

You can see him explaining his point in the clip embedded here:

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  1. Jackson and Mudryk are both talented but inexperienced. Chelsea supporters are far less accustomed than fans at most clubs to having to show patience with these types of players. These guys need minutes and support. The standards need not be lowered (certainly if someone else looks better in training then the start should go to them at the weekend), but booing an away draw (even if it was against a weaker opponent) isn’t helping anyone—especially inexperienced young talent. If the fan base want to see the club implode then just keep up the steady stream of bile.

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