“Wouldn’t have the story you wanted” – John Terry fires back at reporter

Chelsea legend John Terry took to social media yesterday to clear up a report about him this week.

The former England international is currently on a one man tour of the UK doing talks to fans, and his first one was last weekend in Basingstoke.

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Matt Law of The Telegraph put a report out on it earlier this week, and Terry unsurprisingly has not taken too well to the false information peddled by the reporter.

Law claimed John Terry was charging £100 for an autograph and £500 for dinner.

But as Terry explained in a video yesterday, as well as to Law on a post on X, Terry is not taking any of this money and all proceeds are going to charity.

Terry posted a video here.

And then he responded directly to Law here. Terry said: “Didn’t fancy checking this with my representatives first or the organisers? Interesting that because then you wouldn’t have the story you wanted , and writing I’m donating ALL proceeds to charity wouldn’t work for you or the paper!”

Law has clearly not done his research on this one before putting a report out that was actually quite damaging to Terry and encouraged a pile on at the time.

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