Chelsea set for nightmare run with worst possible start

We’ve spoken for a long time about the tough fixtures Chelsea had coming up after the international break, and while today’s game was a little softer (not that it mattered much), this is when we reach our hardest run of 5 games all year.

Tottenham away, Man City at home, Newcastle away, Brighton at home, Man U away.  That’s a sensationally tricky run, and payback for the relatively easy start we’ve had. Even the most optimistic Chelsea fan will be looking at that list with trepidation.

Still, at least we didn’t get any red cards, and we will hopefully have an increasingly fit squad to pick from as each of these games passes. We played well against Arsenal last week – perhaps playing stronger teams will actually suit us, given how much we struggle to break down teams who sit deep.

That’s about as positive an analysis we can summon after a result like that.

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