Criticism of Levi Colwill only shows how good is he

Levi Colwill faced a tough test on Saturday. After getting used to playing at left back, he was switched to the middle to face one of the toughest teams in the league, and there was no doubt that he looked less than comfortable at times.

But some have gone overboard in criticising the young England international and his stats certainly don’t show a player who had a bad game. According to FBRef, he had 3 interceptions and made 8 clearances and a block, showing he was certainly getting stuck in defensively.

We all know how classy he is with the ball, and while he can’t take quite as many risks when playing in the middle as he could at left back, he still excelled in possession, completing more passes than any teammate, progressive the ball further forward than anyone else, and completing the joint most long balls.

It wasn’t his best game, but if we’re criticising this kind of performance, then standards really are back to where they should be.

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