“If you want to be a goalkeeper here…” – Pochettino defender player who did nothing wrong

Compared to last week, where his bad kick led to Arsenal’s goal and ultimately their comeback in a game we were leading comfortably, we thought Robert Sanchez had a pretty decent game yesterday.

He made a couple of brilliant saves, and was largely an observer for most of the game as Chelsea toiled up at the other end.

The second Brentford goal came after he had vacated his box to attack a last minute corner at the other end, but that’s not his fault – all of that came from his manager’s instructions.

So it was odd to hear manager Mauricio Pochettino defending Sanchez after the game, given we’re not sure he did anything wrong:

“If you want to be a goalkeeper here at Chelsea, a big club, you need to deal with [criticism]. We will help Robert Sanchez by giving him our confidence, trust, and working him hard every day,” the coach said in his interview on TNT Sport.

Perhaps this is all just thinking back to Arsenal, or perhaps there was another error in there we missed out on. Either way, it’s just another problem that needs sorting out in a very long list of them.


  1. Why do goalkeepers go up corners,it seems a ludicrous idea,you can probably count on one hand how many keepers have scored,the percentage of scoring against conceding must be 1 to 10,managers please get back to the basics.

  2. Hw can Brentford beat Chelsea. Hw. Why can’t these Chelsea players take their chances Infront of goal. Even when they were 0-1 down there was no urgency. The annoying part is that I spent money to buy fuel to power my generator to watch the game and these Chelsea players were just busy missing chances, playing line football and having 90% ball passing posession within their half. Nobody was direct with the ball. Crosses don’t connect. Only Palmer was dribbling and winning free kicks and if he had the opportunity he wld have won a penalty. The disappointment could be seen on the face of Thiago. Another moment of madness from Sanchez Robert and Pochettino, haba. I kept saying this thing, a club had no striker last season, common sense shld tell whoever is in-charge that this season the primary target wld be to get a striker, but no. Nw we suffering the same fate as last season. Chelsea pls play more direct and purposeful football, take shots outside the box and win your games. Time is going ooooooo. Chelsea fans in Nigeria are tired of excuses. This is annoying. The team shld wake up

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