Mauricio Pochettino makes big admission over Chelsea’s squad building

Mauricio Pochettino was really put on the spot by Neil Barnett in the press conference today.

“Spy” pointed out that scoring goals had been a massive problem for Chelsea for a couple of years – and yet they still did nothing about it in the summer, spending vast sums of money on midfielders who don’t score and only going for the relative cheap option of Nicolas Jackson up top.

“Does this squad have enough goals in it?” he asked after pointing out the fact this was our 14th game in 2023 without scoring.

The manager couldn’t deny it after it was laid so bare. “At the moment, no” he had to respond.

Pochettino blames it on the injury to Christopher Nkunku, which is clearly a factor, but it’s hardly the answer to the whole question. Accounting for injuries is an equally important part of squad building.

You can see the coach speaking in the clip embedded here, with this question coming after one minute:

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  1. It’s a stupid question, lazy journalism by someone who doesn’t understand maths, it’s obvious to any moron there are not enough goals. An intelligent question would be “what do you and the club propose to do about the appalling lack of goals in the team and current squad”?

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