“Something wrong fundamentally” – Joe Cole blasts Chelsea asking ‘what is wrong with this club?’

Chelsea legend Joe Cole has not held back on his post-match assessment of Chelsea vs Brentford yesterday.

The former Blues winger was at the game as a pundit for TNT Sports, and just like every other Chelsea fan on the planet, he was angry and frustrated after another defeat that Chelsea should not be enduring right now.

Sources: Chelsea are looking at new centre backs and left backs for the upcoming transfer windows, with one left back target in particular named!

Mauricio Pochettino’s side dominated the first half and should have had the game won at the break. But the only thing that matters is the end result and they lost 2-0 to a team who were happy to defend all game and hope to great some luck on the break. It’s been the story of Chelsea’s season playing against the lesser teams.

Cole believes there is something fundamentally wrong at Chelsea and questions why they cannot score goals. He hones in on the Romelu Lukaku example of when he came back to the club and couldn’t score or find form, yet he is scoring for fun now at Roma.

In words cited by The Metro, Cole said: ‘You here all the buzz words around the club but at the end of the day, we can’t score goals,’ Cole told TNT Sport.

‘With Romelu Lukaku, for all of his faults, he was in the door. He was a success at Inter Milan, he scored goals at Everton and West Brom in this country, why couldn’t he score goals at Chelsea? What was wrong [with him?].

‘He is scoring goals now for Roma. So we have to look within ourselves, what is wrong with this club at the moment?

‘I don’t blame the manager one bit. Him and his staff are doing everything they can and I don’t even blame the players. They are all top players.

‘The squad is unbalanced, but there is something wrong fundamentally with the club at the moment.’


  1. Before the game he was predicting a 3-1 win to Chelsea,how people cry wolf when things don’t go to plan,Everybody knows Chelsea need a free goal scoring number 9 so let’s just see what happens in the January transfer and just give as much support to Chelsea as possible.

  2. If everyone were to see this goal scoring challenge with Chelsea from your perspective, this thousand questions about Chelsea may find an answer.

  3. Jackson a total waste of time and money,mondonkey othw only winger who doesnt take on the full back just passes backwards, who the hell recomends these no hopers

  4. Chelsea are in a mess when will poch stop playing players out of position beginning to lose faith in him

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