The underlying reasons behind Chelsea’s slow start in the 2023/24 season

Chelsea, the 5th most successful club in English football, has experienced an unexpected slowdown in both the previous and current season. Comparing their current standing with last season’s achievements, there is not so much difference. Last season, they finished in a disappointing 12th place, which was a shocking moment for the fans and experts. The alterations to the team, with numerous arrivals and departures, could be part of the problem, although some fans hope that the departures and arrivals could be good for the team.

A Deeper Dive into the Match Results

The current season’s beginning hasn’t been great for Chelsea. Their first six games this season saw them face 3 defeats, managing only a single win, against Luton at Stamford Bridge with a slim 1:0 scoreline, and two draws. But things started looking up. Their last four matches ended with three victories and a draw against city rivals, Arsenal. The 2:2 result in the last match at Stamford Bridge against the Gunners was not a match to remember. Their path ahead looks very difficult, with fixtures against football giants such as Manchester United, Tottenham, Manchester City, and Newcastle.

Inside the Locker Room: A Strained Atmosphere?

Off the pitch, rumors have been spreading. Are players getting along? How’s the atmosphere behind closed doors? Several key additions to the squad like Romeo Lavia, Christopher Nkunku, and Moises Caicedo have lifted spirits and boosted hopes. But there’s no denying the pressures and scrutiny they’re under. Fans continue to believe in the team, but even the football odds hint at the squad’s upcoming challenges in the next period.

Managerial Tensions and Key Player Departures

This season, there have been whispers about possible tensions between the manager and some players. However, a significant shakeup was Roman Abramovic’s forced departure from the club. Abramovic played an instrumental role in Chelsea’s rise over the past two decades. His departure and the subsequent takeover by the American owner haven’t sat well with many. Then there’s the matter of key players parting ways: the exits of Kai Havertz to Arsenal, Mason Mount to Man United, and Mateo Kovacic’s move to Man City. Transfers were blows to the team’s framework. These departures, especially to rival teams, have left a void, and the transition is evident on the field.

Looking Forward: Can Chelsea Turn It Around?

With the arrival of Mauricio Pochettino, who made an impactful mark on Tottenham Hotspur during his three seasons as manager there is some cause for optimism among Chelsea supporters. But this season won’t be easy with at least six teams who arguably are superior to them. Time will show if they can regain their place in English football.

All eyes are on Chelsea this season, from fans in the stands to pundits on TV. Every game, move, and decision made by the manager will be followed. One thing is certain, Chelsea will make this season exciting to follow!

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