Chelsea coach reveals why Mauricio Pochettino got mugged off for game’s greatest

Just a couple of weeks ago, Emma Hayes made the stunning announcement that she would be leaving her role as Chelsea Women’s manager.

It’s a huge blow to the club, and it’s sent shockwaves through the game, but it does have the benefit of allowing the club legend to play out these final few months of her spell here with appreciation flooding in from all sides. She’s bound to pick up dozens of ovations from all over in the next few months.

She’s already had the greatest call of all – from Sir Alex Ferguson. Speaking to Sky Sports, she revealed she had had to mug off Mauricio Pochettino to do so:

“We had a chat last week, he rang me, but I was in the middle of talking to Poch (Mauricio Pochettino) so I was torn. Unfortunately I had to tell Poch to wait. There’s not many people you tell Poch to wait for but I did say to him it was Sir Alex.

“He calls me from time to time so I wasn’t surprised. Anything he says to me I always take with such pride. He is a legend of the game and someone whose opinion I value and he has a love of America.

“We talked a little bit about that, a little bit about legacy, a little bit about leaving at the top. So there were wise words from him. I’m sure it won’t be the last phone call I get from him this season.”

We’re sure Pochettino didn’t mind. In fact, if there’s anyone who would understand, it’s a fellow manager.

It’s brutal that she’s leaving, but we at least hope these final months can be a celebration of all her incredible success at the club.


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