Chelsea may have to sacrifice winger’s loan to save Brazil midfielder’s season

Nizaar Kinsella today confirmed that Chelsea have a clause to cancel their loan of Andrey Santos to Nottingham Forest in January as the Brazilian will fall far short of the minimum appearances required in the terms of the deal.

It puts us in a tricky situation as Chelsea already have 7 players on loan abroad – so there’s no way Santos could go to our sister club Strasbourg, for example.

There is one way it could be done – by cancelling one of those 7 already in action. Diego Moreira would be a prime candidate, having played just 75 minutes for struggling Lyon this season. This would cost Chelsea the £2.5m loan fee they’re getting for the year, but may be worth it just to help Santos’ development.

Moreira would then have to go on loan in England, but given he’s not considered as important a player as Santos by the club, he might be the pawn who is sacrificed.

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