Marc Cucurella gives amazing insights on Chelsea training and what the coaching staff do

Chelsea defender Marc Cucurella is the latest Chelsea player to give an extensive interview with the Chelsea website during the latest boring international break.

It’s a well known fact that I absolutely detest, and I think most other fans feel the same, an international break during the domestic season. Or at least having them so frequently and so close together. It’s so frustrating, causes injuries, and causes extra fatigue. Why they need to have so many of them during a season is beyond me.

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Anyways, I digressed there. The point of this article is actually positive. Because the international break’s are so bland, club’s usually try and put more interviews out, so you do get to here interesting things from the players.

And on this occasion, Cucurella explaining what Mauricio Pochettino and the coaching staff are like in training and what they do to build squad morale in the camp.

Cucurella said: “He [Pochettino] is a good manager. We know we are a good team and one of the important things is to have the team healthy, because we run a lot and press a lot. Now it’s about playing and getting confidence.

“The coaching staff like to be close with the players and speak with us, I think that is good for the team. We need to feel the confidence and I think he and his staff help a lot.

“We are in a good way and need to continue. There are a lot of games to finish the season and if we continue in this way, we can do good things this season.”

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