Premature reports show that PSG may have beaten Chelsea to wonderkid

Yesterday we reported on reports from Brazil that Chelsea were closing on a deal to sign Gabriel Moscardo, the young talent we’ve been linked to for some time now.

However it seems that those Brazilian sources have jumped the gun – and may in fact have been reporting in a circular manner on English reports of interest in the midfielder.

Now Santi Aouna is reporting that it’s in fact PSG who are in pole position to sign the Corinthians player, who is in demand from multiple teams across Europe. He’s a reliable source generally, especially when it comes to PSG, and to contradict yesterday’s Chelsea rumours so definitively he must be very sure he knows what he’s talking about.

The updates reports claim that Chelsea have signed so many young midfielders that they’re not interesting in buying more – which has a lot of sense to it. Half of these guys haven’t been given a chance yet.

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