Pundit compares Chelsea player to Dele Alli during his time at Tottenham

One pundit has made a comparison between one current Chelsea player and Dele Alli when in his prime at Tottenham, ironically under Mauricio Pochettino.

The Argentine is now of course managing Chelsea, and he is now managing midfielder Conor Gallagher.

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And it is him that is drawing Alli comparisons from former player turned pundit Darren Bent this week.

Gallagher has been absolutely superb under Pochettino for Chelsea this season and is up there with one of their top performers so far.

Bent is comparing Gallagher’s improvements to when Pochettino improved Alli at Spurs and turned him into one of their most important players at that time.

Of course, in terms of playing style they are different players, but in terms of impact on each team, you can see the comparisons there.

Pochettino is know for improving and managing young players well, and Bent believes they will all benefit from that.

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