Sporting Director says that ‘fantastic’ Chelsea coach is worth the wait

A Sporting Director has this week reiterated that a Chelsea coach that he refers to as ‘fantastic’ is well worth the wait.

We have all seen this story over the last few weeks since the news broke, and Chelsea fans have naturally been upset about it.

EXCLUSIVE! Chelsea will move again to sign player they were very close to signing in the summer!

They will soon be losing one of the best coaches to ever be at the club, Women’s boss Emma Hayes.

Hayes will be taking up a role with the USA Women’s national team as their head coach, starting in the summer when her season ends with Chelsea.

Both clubs allowed Hayes to finish off the season with Chelsea before partaking her role with the USA. But as reported by WSL Full Time this week, USA Sporting Director Matt Crocker says that Hayes is worth the wait.

Crocker rates Hayes highly, as we all do here, and he knows he has got a fantastic appointment here.

“I’d seen her in various coaching workshops when I was at The Football Association but never had the opportunity to spend a significant period of time with her,” Crocker said. “It wasn’t until we began this process that I started to realise not only was she a fantastic coach, but also a great person and somebody with real gravitas and charisma.

“Twila is our [interim] head coach and will run the program on a day-to day-basis and make decisions but she will stay in close contact with Emma.

“Just seeing Twila evolve, develop and show her leadership qualities, I became really confident that we could manage and have an interim plan that could ensure that we could have our cake and eat it and be as ready and prepared for the Olympics as we possibly can.”

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