Chelsea fans may not be able to handle another result like this as madness predicted to continue

Chelsea fans are pretty tired of exciting games, thank you very much.

2-2 against Arsenal, 4-4 against Man City, the wild win over Tottenham. Even Sunday’s 3-2 win over Brighton was breathless and intense.

So we’d like a few quiet 2-0 wins please, although it doesn’t look like that’s starting anytime soon. In fact, Paul Merson has predicted another rollercoaster for us.

The pundit’s weekly predictions on Sportskeeda see him suggest a 3-3 draw when we take on Man U tomorrow night… we’re not sure we can handle it!

“Chelsea haven’t been great defensively, and Man United are all over the place. They let in three goals against Galatasaray and could’ve conceded ten against Newcastle. I’m going to go in swinging with my prediction for this game – I expect a high-scoring draw,” Merson wrote.

Equally, football is football, and when everyone expects a thriller, that’s when you get a 0-0. Certainly his point is well made that both teams have looked open defensively, and neither looks to have the consistent quality to be a heavy favourite for the game at Old Trafford.

Given we’ve not been great, we should be delighted with a draw – but we can’t help feeling United are there for the taking if we can get off to a good start.

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