Chelsea’s 0.5 xG will see riots at Stamford Bridge, team must step it up – opinion

Chelsea’s defeat to Newcastle on Saturday saw them pick up 0.5 xG (expected goals). That’s the lowest score of the whole season by a huge margin for Mauricio Pochettino’s team.

They still had Raheem Sterling’s free kick goal to show for it, but that was such a great strike it was clearly low xG. The rest saw a total failure to create good shooting chances, and the second half saw us fail to create anything at all.

Plenty of matches this season it’s been our finishing that’s let us down, but at the weekend it was a total team collapse. It’s no wonder we started to see a really agitated Mauricio Pochettino for the first time in the press conference after the game.

It looks like that attitude has been carried into training this week, with lots of running and no smiles. We hope the tough love works. Our home record for the last year is shameful, and the fans there deserve a win this weekend.

They certainly deserve more than 0.5xG. They might riot if we see that.


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