Chelsea’s shooting and passing stats plunge and Blues’ look lost in games

Chelsea’s poor form is being reflected in their stats, which are tumbling as the season goes by.

Earlier in the season, it was possible to point to stats like shots per game, possession and pass completion and say that we were just finishing badly and things would come good soon. The xG just needed the goals to catch up.

But lately, consistently bad performances are dragging the numbers down, and we’re sliding down to mediocrity across the board. At the same time, the smiles have fallen from Mauricio Pochettino’s face, and the belief has gone from his voice.

We need a big change to turn things around, and we’re not sure where it’s going to come from. Our possession stats still have us in 6th, but that must also be trending down after some games where we’ve been cut apart with ease.

The only numbers that matter in the end are by our name in the league table, and right now it’s not looking pretty.

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