“Appalling performance” – Win doesn’t change pundit’s mind about Chelsea’s current form

Frank Leboeuf is the kind of pundit we like when it comes to Chelsea, because he watches every game.

Some of the big names just tune in to watch our Super Sunday matches or the occasional derby. Frank watches every game and sees what we see – a team that looks no better or more cohesive than it did in August.

He slated the Blues on ESPN after a narrow win over Fulham on Saturday that was only secured by a Cole Palmer penalty. His assessment of our play is hard to argue with:

“Really, that was again an appalling, for me, performance. Only Palmer gives me hope that something good can come out from a player.

“But otherwise, again, it’s predictable, it’s nothing special, they don’t create anything, they don’t change the pace.”

It’s a tough one. We’ve won a few games, we’re doing miles better than last year, we’re in a cup semi final and we’ve played some good matches this year. We don’t want to be more negative than necessary.

But do we agree with pretty much everything Leboeuf says? Do we think we’ve won most of these games despite being terrible rather than because we’re improving? Sadly yes to that too.


  1. They need to quicken the pace,1-2 touch passes,make the pass and move,the most important player on the pitch is the the player without the ball because if he doesn’t make the opening the the player with the ball cannot make the pass.Chelsea must also play Cole Palmer as the teams number 10,I cannot understand how the manager is playing him on the wing.

    1. While I agree it would be nice to see Palmer at the 10, the problem is he’s a major defensive liability and playing centrally puts a ton of pressure on Gallagher and Caicedo. Indeed, playing Palmer centrally makes it impossible to select Enzo (as Poch did against Utd) because the combination leaves us with no solidity in the middle of the park.

      Palmer on the wing and able to move inside (with Gusto overlapping) is the closest approximation we can get at the moment. Maybe this changes as Palmer matures and understands that he has to take defending seriously.

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