17 year old talent says Chelsea is his “dream” move

Chelsea’s star has faded a little in recent years, but 15 years competing at the very top has established us as one of the best known teams in the world.

Kids now reaching their 20s have seen us succeeding for all their lives, so it’s no surprise that so many modern players admit to being Chelsea fans.

The most recent example is Melivn Koliqi. The 17 year old Swede spoke out this week about his dream move being to Stamford Bridge:

“I dream of playing in the Premier League with Chelsea, it’s my favourite team,” he told Alingsas Tidning, as cited and translated by Sport Witness.

We have no idea is Koliqi will reach that sort of level, but it’s a nice reminder that there are players all over the world dreaming of coming to us, even after a bad few years. The Premier League is a draw in itself, as is living in London. We can continue to be very bad for a long time and still have a lot of pulling power.


  1. Chelsea are an insignificant club – they’ll be back to 15,000 crowds in the next few years. Proper clubs, like Newcastle, have already overtaken them.

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