Chelsea add another behind the scenes guru to “lead a project on their history”

Chelsea have made another behind the scenes appointment, according to Training Ground Guru.

Owen Eastwood has been appointed to “lead a project on their history and identity.”

No, us neither…

It will apparently “impact the environments at Stamford Bridge” and at Cobham. Which sounds disturbingly to us like he will just slap up big graphics on the wall saying “BELIEVE” and “TEAM” etc. and then do some speeches about taking responsibility.

The report says that our new “director of performance” Bryce Cavanagh recommended Eastwood, who worked with him with the England team under Gareth Southgate. Eastwood has also worked with the South African cricket team and been on the board of the Football Association in the past.

The sheer number of people with vague job titles being brought in and then dumped again is pretty amusing – who remembers “mental skills coach” Gilbert Enoka who arrived a little over a year ago? Whatever happened to him?

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  1. Serious question for SuperFrank: Do you even like Chelsea FC???

    You spew such an endless stream of negativity about, and towards, the club it really makes one wonder. It’s at best a bummer to see the constant parade of cynical, overly critical headlines, and at worst it’s simply unbearable. Just stop already.

    The other “Chelsea News” contributors don’t seem to suffer from the extreme angst that you do, so maybe they should be allowed to take the lead while you, SuperFrank, only post when you have something useful (if no entirely pleasant) to say.

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