Chelsea captain reveals surprising fact about Blues’ dressing room before massive win

Ben Chilwell has only just come back into the Chelsea team after injury, but the moment he was back in the team he was also back on press duties.

He knows he’s one of the more experienced players in the group, and regularly has to step up to face the cameras, win or lose. That was much harder last week after two painful defeats, but this time around he had the pleasure of speaking to Chelsea’s official website after a huge win:

“‘It wasn’t about just wanting a reaction. We needed one today. Fair play to the boys, there was pressure going into the game but we thrived off it,” Chilwell explained.

“The confidence before the game in the changing room was the best I’ve seen it to be honest, the togetherness too. We delivered.”

It’s interesting to hear that confidence was so high before the game – we’d expect it to have been at rock bottom after two defeat. Perhaps it’s a sign that manager Mauricio

Whatever the reason, that confidence will have been doubled by a big win, and we can hopefully expect a similar performance on Monday night against Crystal Palace. This was a great win, but it means little unless we can follow it up.

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