Chelsea fans start new tradition with classic song to get them through the club’s dark times

There was a major delay in the Chelsea – Crystal Palace game tonight to start the second half because the referees had a problem with their radio equipment.

The DJ at Selhurst Park filled the silence with an ironic playing of Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds,” with its refrain “everything little thing is going to be alright.”

It looped round the bored stadium and the raucous away fans started joining in, adding a couple of choice “Chelsea!”s.

They carried on even when the game started again, the song a nice message from fans who have suffered a lot. It inspired the players to a win, and they noticed it from the pitch.

It felt like we might be seeing the birth of a new Chelsea tradition – we’ll see if the fans keep it up at the weekend at Man City.

You can see the song sung in the clip embedded here:

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