Chelsea manager reveals why his potential number one isn’t on the bench

We were expecting Robert Sanchez to be either on the pitch or on the bench tonight. He was number one keeper before his injury, and Mauricio Pochettino yesterday declared him fit in his pre-match press conference.

But when the teamsheet for this evening’s game came out, Sanchez was nowhere to be seen.

It was a strange one – but the coach has just spoken to the Sky Sports cameras where he’s made clear the reasoning:

“We hoped to include Robert Sanchez in the squad, but after the press conference on Friday, it emerged that he had a personal problem, which meant he could not be here. It’s not a big issue, but it’s important for him to be at home today.”

We hope it’s nothing serious. It does raise an interesting question once again about whether Sanchez will reclaim his number one spot. We won’t know until we see him on the bench.

It’s another big test for Petrovic tonight. He can expect to be seriously tested – maybe tonight he seals his place with an impressive clean sheet? We can dream…

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