Chelsea poach top business broker from Tottenham in continued upstairs reshuffle

There is immense tension at Chelsea after a week which saw the team lose twice, conceding 4 goals in each game.

The pressure has never been higher on Mauricio Pochettino, and everyone is hovering over their screen waiting to see if the club pull the trigger and sack the coach. But the news that has come out today is a little less dramatic.

When Ben Jacobs and Matt Law both drop an exclusive at the same time about changes at the top of the club you can expect it to be something good, especially if it involves Tottenham.

But what has come out today has been a little more prosaic, and while potentially very important in the long run, not as influential immediately in what’s going on on the pitch.

Todd Kline has resigned from his role at Spurs as chief commercial officer in order to join Chelsea. Chelsea have told Law that he will join in a “senior business role” after completing a period of gardening leave.

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