“He doesn’t have a clue about that midfield” – TalkSport pundit goes on mega Pochettino rant

Adrian Durham was on TalkSport today, where he became one of the first journalists to break rank and really lay into Mauricio Pochettino.

Chelsea were terrible last night against Liverpool, and in many ways lucky it was only 4-1. Durham said he was sick of the excuses being made for the team’s coach, who should be aware that last night was nowhere near good enough:

“They’re not a team and I think it’s time now after 22 games to shine a light on Mauricio Pochettino. He has a lot of love, people do say some positive things about him. There’s a lot of blaming of Todd Boehly, the board, the signings and the recruitment etc.

“However, on the pitch last night, Chelsea were hopeless playing out from the back, getting embarrassed by Liverpool’s high press but keeping on doing it was ridiculous. No in-game management from Pochettino and he’s got a problem because they are a shambles. They looked lost last night, they were terrible.

“He doesn’t know his best 11. He’s wasting Cole Palmer’s talent playing him as a false nine. He wasn’t even in the game last night. He’s turning Raheem Sterling into a bang-average Premier League player when we know he’s better than that.

“His team can’t defend or cannot play away from home. His midfield changes game after game and he doesn’t have a clue about that midfield. I’m looking at it last night, Enzo and Caicedo £200 million worth of midfielders there and they were totally ineffective.”

We see both sides of the argument. There certainly is a lot of blame heading to other places other than Pochettino, but that’s because it’s well deserved. You can argue he could be doing better with the players he has, but you can even more easily argue that he should have far better players to pick from, given the money spent.

However, Durham is right – now is the time to start turning the light on Pochettino. The months are flying by and there’s almost no improvement in the team as a whole. We get good results against bad teams and vice versa.


  1. Good day he knows nothing about football ni only the midfield, I don’t think poch is tactically sound to take Us far and get to top four! He just keeps giving excuses all the time this are big match’s I wonder how he sleeps after losing I’m so piss off with this team no character

    1. Hate to admit but we are shite, people being played out of position constantly, zero threat against better teams, can’t break down teams that defend, injury bs have never known us to have so many injuries what the hell is the training doing to the players, all that money spent on individual talents but not a true goal scoring lad amongst them, crazy stuff, time for a better manager sorry to say this fire him bring the special one back even if its for a limited time, or pay the money and go get Zidane

  2. Pochettino is more out of his depth then Potter, Pochettino side only one place higher then where Potter left them , conceded more goals in 22 games then Potter in 25 , How much more is Boehly going to allow this to continue before he wakes up ??? A £Bn squad fighting for 10th, a massive 20 pts behind Liverpool

  3. I have been a. Chelsea fan since the mid sixties and we’ve had good times and bad but since the Roman Abramovic era it has been fantastic.. Unfortunately now we have an American who knows jackshit about football with a scatter gun approach to buying players and a second rate manager who plays players in their wrong positions and last night was an embarrassment.. and need sorting out fast.

  4. Pochetino is no more taking Chelsea to a better position. He’s generally with a skill for average clubs. Chelsea want top 4 place and ofcourse silverwares

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