“I am not a normal boss” – Pochettino on how he has tried (and failed) to motivate players

Mauricio Pochettino’s press conference today felt like it alienate Chelsea fans as much as the recent bad defeats.

The mixture of delusion, excuses and what seemed to be some outright untruth is as frustrating as watching Wolves waltz to a big win at Stamford Bridge. The coach’s pseudo-psychological nonsense doesn’t help when fans want some hard facts and indications that things are being worked on behind the scenes.

“I told the players today in the meeting that I trust in you more than ever. I will support you more than ever. I am not a normal boss, I am the leader. I need to reflect in every action that I really trust,” the Chelsea boss said today.

These players just don’t seem to be buying in to what he does, whether or not they like or respect him. His strong point as a coach was supposed to be connecting with players and getting the best out of them. So far we’ve seen none of that – the group look as lost and unmotivated as they did under Graham Potter last year, and that’s really saying something.

If they really do like him, they better start showing it, or there will be yet another coach walking in the door to try and get them to play like a billion pound team.

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